How it works

  • This service allows you to send your old laptops to a student who desperately needs one via their school.
  • The system randomly selects which school the computer will go to.

Why do we need it?

  • Certain areas are more populated than others, this system randomly allocates computers to those who need them.
  • We request when sending that you dispatch the computers to somewhere in your country.
  • This service connects people who are willing to send unneeded devices to schools whose pupils need them.

As a sender

  • After registering as a sender you can commit to sending a desktop or laptop to a school.
  • You will then receive an email containing a unique reference with the postal address of the school.
  • Upon sending it across to the school you can fill out the tracking ID of the package.
  • The school will give out the computers to the kids so they can learn at home.
  • We ask that donors wipe computers before sending them.

As a teacher

  • You will need to register for this service using your email address.
  • On the console you can select how many desktops and/or laptops you require.
  • You can see which ones are in the post and on their way to you, along with their tracking ID.
  • If your situation changes you can adjust how many computers you need