Privacy policy

What data to we store

  • User email addresses and passwords
  • School address
  • School addressee (name of someone to receive the computers)
  • Counts of computers needed, promised and sent
  • Parcel tracking numbers

Where do we store the data

  • Data is stored in a UK region of a cloud provider
  • This data is backed up, but always remains in the UK

How do we use your data

  • School details are sent to people who commit to send a computer.
  • Sender email address is used to send emails relating to donating computers only. No marketing emails or similar.
  • On agreeing to send a computer to a school your email address will be shared with the school.
  • Sender details are never sent anywhere.
  • We do not share any data with third parties.
  • We do not harvest or sell your data.

Cookies used on this site

  • We use cookies for session management only
  • There is no personal data in cookies
  • No cookies are used for tracking, advertising or anything else other than managing a user login session